All those little things you do that make my life so much more warm and colorful...fantastic phone calls, late night chat fests, humor and wisdom and sage counsel, political banter and prescient analysis, contagious sports enthusiasm, birthdays with you wherever you are, walks on the Ward Avenue side, walks in the rain, in the fog, at night, in the snow, sublime sounds of your piano playing, picking blackberries, riding the rails along the Cote D’Azure, sharing pâtisseries, watching Friends, Gilmore Girls, Felicity, Project Runway, literate, so very funny and heart warming emails and letters, fantastic photographs, the sound of your giggle, the caring of your heart.

and so much more...


25 years ago you came into my life. 

Could a mother be more proud?

Courtney’s Curios

  1. -Wisdom, wit, beauty

  2. -Piano, CD compilations

  3. -Cuisine, chocolate fondant

  4. -Photography, collage

  5. -Giants, 49ers, Roger Federer, Tiger, Rich Aurilia, Noah Lowry, JT Snow

  6. -Politics of the progressive, feminist sort

  7. -Pilates, running, walking, swimming

  8. -Français parlant

  9. -SLO Farmers Market

  10. -co-op Organic Food Stores

  11. -Liszt, Chopin, Shubert, Beethoven, classical piano

  12. -Sweden, France, Eastern Europe, Great Briton

  13. -maps, tour books, books

  14. -French radio, Russian ballet, Spanish politics, Dutch tulips, Scottish cashmere, Irish caps, Italian ices, Hartford bagels, California blackberries, Swedish Meatballs

  15. -all things simple and uncomplicated

  16. -laughter