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                               ~ Family Photos ~

Pat, Diane, Zach, Leif, James, Bruce, Melinda,
Courtney, Julie, Alexa, Bobby, Steve                      With Lynne while Julie shoots the pic                                                           Hilary, Harry, Judy, Aaron, Bennett, Rachel

Alexa and Zachary

Alexa Tondreuu
                          Alexa and Zachary at Lake Cleone

Leif, Lynne, Zach

Harry and Lynne

Karen, Courtney, Tim, Lucas - Lund, Sweden
                Leif, Chico Kid
Courtney and Leif in Aix-en-Provence with friends
Alyssa, Leif, Eleanor, Ashley, Courtney en Aix-en-Provence
Courtney with umbrella
Courtney avec un parapluie
court in menton
                         Courtney in Menton, France
leif in Prague
                             The European Leif
   Leif's eyebrow                                         Dad, me, little Leif
young leif
                All dressed up with nowhere to go
           Dashing Zack in Cassis, France
zod zack
         Zack in Charles de Gaul Airport
         David Parker, nephew extraordinaire
kids shot
Zach, Courtney, David, Leif, Bennett, Aaron

                            David and Don

                                                    Courtney, David, Leif, Zach -- triumphant golfers

John, Judy, Harry, Hilary, Don, Courtney, Bennett, Rachel, Aaron

Aaron, Bennett, Rachel

Bennett, Harry, Hilary

Lynne and Leif, Chico
                     Snow 1987

                 David, Leslie, Lynne, Courtney 1986
                       Court photographer

Courtney, Leif, Lynne, Zach,
and our beer smuggler Harry

Steve and Zach

Leslie, Harry, Harriet, Bob, Lynne
       Hilary, Leslie, Harriet, Lynne, Janet, Ellie

David and Don

Parker, Cheryl, Landon, Kenny
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