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Web Graphics, free
Webgraphics, Background textures, Buttons, etc.

Another site where you can find free web graphics

Ways to contact human beings at large businesses or corporations:
List of companies, their phone numbers and what options to press to talk to a person

How to get Adobe Reader:

All versions of Adobe Reader are here

Weather Sites:

Local Weather site, just type in your city and state

Another Local Weather site, just type in your city and state

Satelitte weather image

US Post Office and a way to find someone's zip code
US Postal Service on line - track your packages, find zip codes, and other postal stuff

Movies and Showtimes
at in Fort Bragg:
Movies at the Coast Cinema

Insert your city, state here and find the page for your local cinemas:

Find what movies are playing at your local cinema - just type in your city and state

Fantasitic Astronomy Photographs

Astronomy Picture of the Day and a great archives of photos

Wikipedia - great encyclopedia of everything you can imagine
Encylopedia on line so up to date that yesterday's occurances will be in there.

WikiHOW The how-to manual to learn how to do just about anything
from celebrating Hanukah to fixing a dented ping pong ball to un-installing McAfee... Check it out

Free Software 
File Hippo: Find email programs, browsers, anti-virus programs, utilities

Lots and lots of MAC software - email programs, iPod utilities, browsers and much more

AVG Free Anti-Virus Program
Adaware Anti Spyware Program
Stinger Anti Spyware Program
Spybot Anti Spyware Program
Firefox Internet Browser

Open Source Software - free programs that open Microsoft Office Suite files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
open office

iPod Tools for backup, export, import

xPort 4.0 - backup tool for iPod; can transfer songs directly to a computer, complete with ratings, playlists, etc.  $12.45 How to use iPod to move music to a new computer ( offshoot) with info on how to capture & save YouTube videos

 Das Boot - convert iPod, flash drive into a bootable diagnostic drive; free

Books on Tape
Free public domain books for iPod or tape

Huge collection of books, periodicals, radio shows at

Books on tape or CD - Club, pay monthly fee get as many as you want each month

How to Send Giant Files
Free service that will send your huge PDF file or large photograh or whatever big thing you want to send to someone

Find Great Deals on Everything on the Net at

Some deals might be one day only, but unbelievable prices

Compare Prices On What You Buy will give you the bottom line price (with shipping and taxes)

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